For Readers

Built for readers in mind

With Beventi, managing your book orders is easier than finding a gripping read! No more wondering who you’ve ordered from, if they’ve invoiced you yet, worrying about missing out, or forgetting who you need to pick up from.

One-click purchasing

The cumbersome, multi-step process that’s been the norm is now eliminated. With Beventi, the pre-order shopping experience is as swift and satisfying as turning the pages of a gripping novel.

Orders in one place

Forget scouring through a labyrinth of emails, bookmarks, or scribbled notes. Beventi displays all your preorders in one easy-to-read report. Now, tracking your upcoming treasures is as straightforward as checking your bookshelf.

Export to CSV

This one’s for the spreadsheet nerds! With Beventi's 'Export to CSV' feature, easily convert your orders into a handy spreadsheet. Simple, organized, and efficient.