For Authors

A tailored workflow for events

Beventi is built specifically for authors, making the preorder process so fast and easy that you can set and forget until it's time for the event!

Set up your catalog with a seamless import
Create pre-order forms with a few clicks
Share your form with event attendees
Take payments directly through the app
Accept Payment Plans or Deposits
Automated email notifications for closing order forms
Access sales reports and breakdowns of stock needed
Issue refunds quickly and easily
Number tracking system for sorting orders on the day
Over 30 thousand readers visit our site a month
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Direct Sales

Empowering Authors with Simple, Scalable Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your book sales with Beventi's Direct Sales platform, crafted specifically for authors who want to offer more to their readers.

Effortlessly add special editions and signed copies to your catalog.
Implement flat rate shipping to keep costs transparent and manageable for your readers.
Secure and direct payment collection through Beventi, with support for major payment gateways.
Process refunds quickly with a few clicks—no hassle for you or your customers.
Direct sales books

Seamlessly connected with leading payment providers


Simple no-tricks pricing

Enjoy transparent pricing with no setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

Just 2.99% per order.

Plus standard payment provider processing fees

For book signing events only: Readers are charged 2% per transaction.